Close up of the Friends’ Circle, one of the art features created as part of the Millennium Project to regenerate the site.
The Friends of Berryhill Fields work with Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s Countryside Team to help preserve and promote the Berryhill Fields Nature Reserve.

The ‘Fields are a great place for walking, running, summer picnics, observing wildlife, cycling, fishing or simply sitting and enjoying the views and fresh air.

But the ‘Fields are also a place with a long history, and an important natural environment which provides a home to many increasingly rare species of fauna and flora.

Whatever your interest in Berryhill Fields, we aim to bring together all the information that may be of interest to you: from its history, its wildlife, the various art features and facilities on the site, and news of any events or activities on or about the ‘Fields. And if there’s anything you’d like to add, or comment on, you can let us know via our Contact Us page or by email at:

Finally, we must thank all those who gave their permission to re-use information from the original Friends of Berryhill Fields website, the Berryhill Fields website ( which was created as part of the Millennium Project, Keele University, and the former City Archaeologist, Noel Boothroyd.

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