Berryhill Fields Millennium Web Site


ABOVE: The main opening page of the website created as part of the Millennium Project

The Berryhill Fields website ( was created as part of the Millennium Project to regenerate the ‘Fields, and encourage its use by the local and wider community. To achieve this a subgroup was formed made up of representatives from the Friends of Berryhill Fields, the local Berry Hill High School, the Education Department, and the Management Information Systems department of the City Council (now known as IT Services) (apologies if I’ve missed anyone out).

The subgroup would help to decide the content and structure of the proposed website, and the City Council would create the site and host it on their servers. It was hoped that the site would become a useful resource for teachers, anyone interested in the history of the Fields, or its flora and fauna, and help promote the use of the site by the general public.

I have tried to recreate the contents of the website in the pages linked to under this menu, with added foot notes to provide further information or updates as appropriate.