About the Fields

Where are the Berryhill Fields?
The Berryhill Fields are in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, roughly halfway between the towns of Hanley and Longton. The main entrance to the ‘Fields can be found at the end of Hall Hill Drive, off Dividy Road (B5040), in Bentilee. (There is also an entrance to the ‘Fields via the Berryhill Amphitheatre at the top of Arbourfield Drive (also off Dividy Road), on the Eaton Park housing estate.)

Is Metal Detecting allowed on the ‘Fields?
No. The ‘Fields are a site of Scientific Interest and include a Scheduled Ancient Monument so any activities which might disturb the site, such as metal detecting, aren’t permitted. However, the ‘Fields are surrounded by derelict land and green space that is privately owned e.g. by the developers, St. Modwen’s, who may grant you permission to detect on their land.

Is Motorcycling allowed on the ‘Fields?
No. The various cycle paths and tracks on the ‘Fields are only designed for cyclists, walkers and horse riders. Only City Council vehicles (and others granted special permission) are allowed to drive onto the site.

I/We would like to hold an event on the ‘Fields or Berryhill Amphitheatre — Is that allowed?
Probably. We are always keen for other groups/people to use the ‘Fields for their activities. In the past they have been used by Bourne Sports for their annual athletics race, the Friends of Berryhill Fields for our activities such as guided walks, fishing competitions and a Mediaeval Summer Fair, so if there’s something you’d like to use the ‘Fields and/or Amphitheatre for, you can talk to the Countryside Team about it on 01782 331889 and they will advise you if you need to speak to another part of the City Council too (e.g. for an events license).