About the Friends

The Friends of Berryhill Fields were formed in 1997/98 to help with the regeneration of the ‘Fields as part of the Millennium Project. They are made up of local residents and others who have a common interest in helping to preserve the Berryhill Fields, and meet around once a month to plan events, report local concerns, and liaise with the City Council’s Countryside Team.

Over the years the Friends have:

  • Come up with the idea for the Friends’ Stone Circle
  • Encouraged the use of Tidder’s Pond
  • Helped to fund a number of archaelogical digs on the ‘Fields
  • Encouraged local schools and other organisations to use the Fields
  • Held themed guided walks on the ‘Fields

If you would like to join the Friends’ in their work, you are welcome to join us at our monthly committee meeting which is currently held in the Berry Hill Workingmen’s Club, Calvary Crescent, Bentilee on the first Wednesday of the month (excluding January), from 7:30p.m.