300 Million years ago Carboniferous Period – formation of coal seams under Berryhill
50,000 – 10,000 BC People have lived in North Staffordshire since before the last Ice Age. Flint tools have been found on Berryhill
1st Century AD An important Roman road ran through Fenton Manor – Roman Pottery found in Causley brook suggests settlement nearby
13th Century Moated site built
1311-1319 Widespread famine and disease amongst animals
1327 Documentary evidence for Fenton Park as a lordly hunting reserve
late 1340s The ‘Black Death’ kills huge numbers of people
15th Century Fenton Vivian taken over by an absentee landlord – moated site abandoned
1555 Berry Hill Farm leased to the Bagnall family
Mid 16th Century Local land owned by Thomas Essex – estates sold to local yeoman between 1565 and 1612
1628 Deed conveying land from Robert Bagnall included mines in Fenton Park
1693 Local yeoman form the first known prosecution society in the country ‘Stoke-on-Trent Association against Horse Stealing’
1707 Inventory of William Beech, a local yeoman
1738-1836 Lyme family own Berry Hill farm
1749 Sam and Mary Cooper occupants of Lawn Farm
First references to the extraction of coal at Berry Hill farm
1838 Dividy Road constructed
1841 Berry Hill Colliery operating – owned by William Taylor Copeland who also
owned the Spode pottery manufactory
1864 16 men killed in mining incidents on Berryhill
1868 An ironworks was attached to Berry Hill Colliery
1870s Lawn Colliery sunk
1889 Mossfield Colliery Disaster – 64 men and boys aged 14 to 65 die after gas explosion
1894 Berry Hill and Holly Bush Collieries merge to form Berry Hill Collieries
1902 Berry Hill Collieries Ltd employ 892 men
1950s Stoke-on-Trent City Council acquires ground around Berryhill – Bentilee estate built
1957 Berry Hill collieries employ 630 men
1974 All orkings ceased at Berry Hill collieries – Berry Hill becomes the
headquarters of the former Staffordshire and Western areas of the National Coal Board – and the Berryhill Mine Rescue Station
1988 British Coal proposes to opencast mine coal on Berryhill – start of a 6 year campaign by local people against the proposals
1993 Opencast proposals withdrawn
1994 Final success for local people following a House of Lords ruling
1998 The Friends of Berryhill Fields formed