Keele Documentary Survey

The Keele Documentary was written in 1998 by Keele University. It details the historical background to the fields using a range of sources from earliest records up to the 1940s

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Document size Document name
10291.94KB Keele Documentary Survey (whole document)
27.27KB Preface
1590.40KB Chapter 1 : Introduction, Early Berry Hill
1185.50KB Chapter 2 : The Berryhill Local community, The evidence of probate records 1575 – 1799
216.60KB Chapter 3 : Land use and occupation before 1840
59.40KB Chapter 4 : Berry Hill: Heaton’s survey 1827 & tithe files
2868.72KB Chapter 5 : The Berry Hill local community, The evidence of census returns 1851-1891
1425.20KB Chapter 6 : The evolution of a pattern of farming and landowning, 1827-1910
2771.60KB Chapter 7 : Industrial activity – Mining
163.09KB Chapter 8 : Berry Hill Farming 1941-1943