Manor Farm Dig 1999


Excavations at Lawn Farm
June and July 1999

This is a Scheduled Ancient Monument (i.e. protected by law). It is a medieval moated site with associated fishponds dating from the 13th / 14th century.

Geophysics surveys indicated interesting areas for excavation and evaluation trenches last year revealed the foundations of substantial stone buildings. This year we have extended the trenches to gain a better understanding of the nature of these structures. (Simple sketch of the site)

Trench 1: A circular structure with very thick walls, about 1 metre thick, and a diameter of about 7 metres. This is probably a dovecote, which we hope to confirm by uncovering the whole circumference and sampling the floor.

Trench 2: Last year this revealed a possible oven, consisting of 2 low parallel stone walls, connected to the corner of another building. we are now attempting to uncover the rest of that building.

Is this a manor house or a hunting lodge?
Environmental sampling by Hereford & Worcester Archaeological Service suggests this was a wooded area during the medieval period, and a deer park is known to have existed in the area from documentary sources.

This excavation on behalf of the Berryhill Fields Millennium Project managed by Groundwork commenced on 21st June 1999 and ran for 5 weeks. During that time we updated the following pages with new photographs and progress reports every couple of days.

See an Artists impression of the site in the 13th Century

Updates: Click to see photos

22/06/99 – The dig commences
25/06/99 – Evidence of stone structures
28/06/99 – More detail emerges
01/07/99 – 7 pictures including medieval pottery!
06/07/99 – Clearer indications as to what the structures are?
09/07/99 – School visits and interesting finds
19/07/99 – More evidence of the original construction methods
23/07/99 – Views from above.

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Senior Archaeologist:
Bill Klemperer
Assistant Archaeologist:
Noel Boothroyd

Alison Parkes
Jamie Patrick
Rob Barnett
Debbie Forrester

Reg Edwards
Sharon Fleming
Irene Hancock
Henrietta Mott
June Potter
Malcom Riddock
Margaret Russell
Kirsty Saunders
Sunita Sharma
Andrew Shaw
Melissa Taylor
Mark Wood
James Wright
Lisa Jeffries
Rachel Brougham
Helen Chadwick
Tim Lankshear
Catherine Lowden
Pauline Moreland
Amanda Mathews
Judith Westmacott

Work Experience:
Katie Tweats
Jackie Ward
Chris Unwin

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