More Evidence


Excavations at Lawn Farm – Medieval Moated Site

19th July 1999

Progress report: More evidence of the original construction methods

Towards the end of the excavation all details are carefully measured and recorded.

Trench 1: The stony layer around the ‘dovecote’ is now thought to be debris from its collapse. Under the blue board you can see the original foundations.

Trench 1: Close to the ‘Dovecote’ we have found some post holes, possibly used for timber scaffolding during its construction. This hole is approximately 40cm deep.

Here you can see fragments of the 12th-13th century high status pottery found in the gulley in trench 1.

Trench 2: Alison Parkes cleans up what is thought to be a small oven.

Trench 2: Can you see the gap between this stone structure and the lower cobbled layer? This may indicate that the stone structure is of later construction.

Senior Archaeologist Bill Klemperer (left) stands with Dr John Hunt, a medieval expert, who concurred with the archaeologists interpretation that the circular stone structure in Trench 1 was probably a ‘dovecote’. The original height may have been up to 5 metres, about 2/3 of the height of the electric pole just behind.