Manor Farm Dig 2000

An Archaeological Excavation
at Lawn Farm Moated Site, Berryhill Fields  
19 June – 11 August 2000

The Potteries Museum Field Archaeology Unit continued its excavation at this important medieval site. The previous seasons’ excavations had clearly demonstrated the site was occupied in the 13th and 14th centuries with a variety of activities taking place, and stone structures including a dovecote and ovens. This time a trench 15m by 15m was opened in the centre of the moat platform. This was situated where a geophysics survey had suggested a large building, and it is hoped the excavation could determine whether the site is a manor house or a hunting lodge, as it is situated next to Fenton Park.

Reports from the dig:
23/06/2000   27/06/2000   30/06/2000   07/07/2000   17/07/2000
26/07/2000   31/07/2000   08/08/2000   15/08/2000

Click here for an artists impression of how the site looked in the 13th Century

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