Dig Report 23rd June 2000

Excavations at Lawn Farm Medieval Moated Site

23rd June 2000

Progress report: Words and Pictures by Noel Boothroyd

The moat is part of a complex of dammed streams and fishponds, which can be seen in the foreground with the moated area behind.

A view showing the trench located in the centre of the moated area

To start with a strip 5m wide was excavated along the east side of the trench. Immediately below the topsoil was a layer of sandstone rubble, the remains of the medieval buildings that formerly stood on the site.

Some of the rubble seemed to form a feature of noticeably larger sandstone blocks in a line across the trench. When this was cleaned up, however, it was obvious this could not be a structure as the stones were slumped at all angles, and the most likely interpretation at the moment is that this is part of a 19th century land drain.

This ‘feature’ did include a medieval moulded stone, indicative of the high status of the original building, and provided inspiration to keep digging away at the rubble.