Dig Report 27th June 2000

Excavations at Lawn Farm Medieval Moated Site

27th June 2000

Progress report : Words and Pictures by Noel Boothroyd

As excavation continued a wall foundation appeared next to the field drain, which had made use of stone blocks from the wall and cut across it at the bottom of the picture.

The wall is part of the substantial central medieval building indicated by geophysics survey. To the left is an external cobbled surface and to the right a beaten earth floor.

A clearer view of the cobbled surface. Internal dividing walls are visible in the trench baulk at each end of the wall.

Finds so far from the rubble layer immediately above the medieval surfaces. There is already as much medieval pottery as was found last year. The medieval pottery is Midlands White Ware and Iron-rich Sandy Ware, mainly in tableware forms suggesting a domestic purpose for the building represented by the wall and floors.