Dig Report 8th August 2000

Excavations at Lawn Farm Medieval Moated Site

8th August 2000

Progress report : Words and Pictures by Noel Boothroyd

We get all the celebrities on our site; Rory McGrath making a programme for BBC Knowledge.

We now have a good idea of the complete layout of the building. Here the south end of the long room is cleaned up, a small drain appears to run away from it, perhaps the garderobe (toilet) drain. Further back the doorway can be seen set back against the side of the long room with the wall of a further large room running east.

This is the last week of the dig and we’ve reached the stage where there is little left to do except make sure everything is fully recorded.

We’re still working on the wide ditch running along the outside of the building. This runs across the end of the smaller square room then appears to head of towards the moat. The ditch encroaches so closely on the edge of this room it seems the room did not have a stone end wall but must have been finished in timber.