Millennium Project

Berryhill Fields Millennium Project

Project design for history and archaeology

1. Introduction

1.1. The Berryhill Fields Millennium Project aims to transform the 68 hectare site of a former open cast coal mine into an innovative community nature park. The £2.7 million nationally funded environmental project will be completed by the year 2000 to provide an enduring City Landmark for the next millennium.

1.2. Groundwork Stoke-on-Trent is working jointly with the City Council to develop the project area. The project is part of Groundwork’s national ‘Changing Places’ Millennium programme and has a high profile nationally. It is also a key part of the overall SRB2 (Single Regeneration Budget) Villages Initiative, a sustainable social, economic and environmental regeneration programme for the Berryhill and Bentilee communities of Stoke-on-Trent.

1.3. The landscape of Berryhill reflects the history of the area. Today it is covered with the remains of industrial activities including mines and their waste tips. There are also the sites of early modern farms and cottages and an impressive medival moated site, Lawn Farm, which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Agricultural and industrial activity continued side by side till shortly after the Second World War. The area is also an important ecological resource within the city, including an Area of Wildlife Interest which coincides with the Scheduled Ancient Monument.

2. Vision

2.1. The project aims to harness the environmental and historical potential of the site to create a locally relevant public amenity. The development of an appreciation of local distinctiveness is an essential element of this aim. This can be achieved through an interpretation of the natural and human history of the area: in particular the geological, historical and ecological processes that have produced the current landscape. Interpretation will aim to create educational and leisure opportuniies. the archaeological project aims, therefore, to connect with the wider issues of locality and community within an integrated approach to environmental interpretation.

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Senior Archaeologist:
Bill Klemperer

Daily updates from Lawn Farm excavations June and July 1999


Original Partner Logos for the Millennium Project that helped to regenerate the Berryhill Fields: