Joint Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation Period Now Ended

The deadline date for the Stoke & Newcastle Joint Local Plan Preferred Options consultation period has now passed with a reported response of over 2,000 residents and stakeholders (online and at their various events), but it’s not over yet.

The next step, say the Council, “is to publish a report on the responses and consult on a draft Joint Local Plan before the end of the year.” and “Meanwhile, the preferred options will continue to be developed and assessed in more detail.“. And even when the Joint Local Plan has been adopted, Stoke Council assures residents “There will be further consultation opportunities as the plan moves towards adoption.“.

However, Acting Chair of the Friends of Berryhill Fields, Ken Downs — a former councillor with a long history of working for his community — stresses the importance of making your opposition to any potential housing development(s) adjacent to the ‘Fields known, as often unpopular decisions can go through simply because “No one objected“. And in a similar vein, commenting on a post on the Friends’ Facebook page, resident Carol Bullock says: “it is still appropriate to send comments through to their email address ( and also to contact Councillors and your MP to express your views on the subject.” [Links Added]

Meanwhile, you can also keep an eye on the Facebook pages for Eaton Park Residents Association and the Saxonfields Residents Association for news of any meetings to discuss / oppose the proposed developments and go along to show your support.

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  1. John

    UPDATE: I have just had an email from the Newcastle & Stoke Joint Local Plan team saying “Thank you for submitting your comments. These will now be considered by officers and a formal response will be prepared as part of the plan process.”.


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