School Visits


Excavations at Lawn Farm – Medieval Moated Site

9th July 1999

Progress report: School Visits & More Finds

Trench 1: The rubble spread in front of the ‘dovecote’ may be the remains of a ‘revetment’, a steep bank created during the building of the ‘dovecote’ and removed afterward. The stony layers formed a stable platform for construction. In the background you can see one of the many school groups who visited the site during Education Week.

Trench 1: Towards the middle of the picture you can see the excavated ‘gulley’. This has produced a quantity of 12-14th century pottery including a fragment of a high status 13th century glazed jug with applied decoration.

The ‘gulley’ in Trench 1. An excavated section through the fill has been deliberately left by the archaeologists to enable easier recording of the profile and fill characteristics.

An example of the 12-14th century pottery found in Trench 1. This is probably part of a cooking pot.

More 12-14th century pottery and a metal hook. The white portion of the scale is 10cm long.

Trench 2: Another picture of the rectangular stone structure which may have been the base of a staircase. The area around it is being ‘troweled’ for related features.

Another view of Trench 2. At the bottom right-hand side are possibly the remains of a paved surface.