Berryhill Fields Booklet

Berryhill Fields – History and Archaeology

A 47 page full colour A5 Booklet published by The Berryhill Fields Millennium Project. Tel 01782 232323

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Authors: Bill Klemperer & Alison Parkes


Foreword by Rory McGrath

Early Berryhill

The moated manor house
The main building
The dovecote
How were dovecotes used?
Why did they fall out of use?
The ovens
What were ovens used for?
The fish ponds
Archaeological finds
What was the site used for?

Rural Berryhill: the 16th to 18th centuries
Farms and families
Wills and inventories 1575 to 1799
Berry Hill Farm
Colamoor Farm
Glovers Farm
Hall Hill Farm
Lawn Farm
Northwood Farm
Cotehouse Farm
20th Century Surveys – Land Valuation Survey 1910 – National Farm Survey 1940-1943

Coal Mining:
Early history of mining on Berryhill
The importance of mining on Berryhill in the 19th and early 20th centuries
Berry Hill Collieries
Brookhouse and Botteslow Collieries
Fenton Park Colliery
Lawn and Glovers Farm Collieries
Colliery Communities
Accidents and incidents
The Mossfield Colliery disaster 1889
The dark side of life above ground

Berryhill Today